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Welcome to Amber J!

At Amber J, we believe every human is beautiful and unique in their way, whether Black, White, or Brown. Everyone, young or old, should have the healthy skin they deserve.

Our goal is to attain healthy skin, for there is no perfect skin.

We are delighted to offer you, pure, and clean plant-based skincare products made in small batches for your skin health goals, skin rejuvenation, and heal naturally with nature.

We want every woman to know they can have the radiant skin they desire and that it is not only women that deserve to glow; men too can shine.

Why Amber J

Amber J is a symbol of natural beauty, naturally healthy skin, light, radiance, and healing.

Every one of our products is natural, earth sourced with science, and skillfully crafted fresh with actives, exotic botanical ingredients like herbal extracts, fruits, oils, vitamins, butter, etc., to give you exceptional radiant skin.

Start the healing process of your skin right now, and thank us later. Remember, natural products will not work like magic overnight, so let your skin heal gradually because every skin is different, unique, and reacts to various ingredients differently.

Our Focus

Our mission is to help with skin rejuvenation and encourage every person to have their confidence, glow, radiance, and embrace their natural skin tone with a better appearance. With millions of skincare products out there and everyone clamoring for glowing skin, it is not difficult to alter your skin tone with chemicals, which in the long run comes with side effects. Use natural products, be patient, and enjoy this process of having natural radiant, glowing skin.

The Journey

Growing up with skin issues and still dealing with them after pregnancies and change of environment led to the creativity of sourcing for natural products to heal and repair my skin issues. So I started to mix cream and oils to suit my skin, which never helped. It became worse after my last child's birth in 2015 with a breakout and hyperpigmentation all over my body.

Amber J was born after researching the industry, discovering that most products are filled with harsh chemicals, and taking some courses, which led me to where I am today. This dream that I had growing up to have my skincare line came into being after so much hesitation and fear.

Amber J skincare products are all ethically sourced, unique, kind to your skin and your health. We are proudly Canadian-made, Gluten-Free, Animal Cruelty-Free, Plant-Based Ingredients, Pure Natural Handcrafted Skincare Products, Free From Toxins, GMOs, Parabens, Sulfates, Artificial Fragrances, and Colors.

My best friend Folake (Flaky) started calling me Jewel when I met her in my first year at the University. I guess she noticed that I had self-esteem issues because she would write me a note and drop it in my class every morning to encourage me that I am a precious jewel and believe in myself. She helped me build my self-confidence, and when I had to open a yahoo mail address back, I used the name Kjewel. In 2009, I lost my friend during her first childbirth, and I have not had a friend like her to date. After her death, I decided to give myself a name, so I googled different natural jewels and gemstones and decided on Amber because I was fascinated with the story behind its natural formulation.

The letter "J" came from the first letter in my Kids' names: Jomi, Jetemi, and Jerimi.

It is great to have you here. Let's start this healing journey and radiate natural health and beauty together, as you go for any of our products crafted with you in mind and let us know your thoughts.


- Kenny Abiola - Akinterinwa