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Shea butter oil is a go-to in many skincare routines because of its moisturizing properties for both skin and hair.

It has been used over the years because of its skin benefits, and it contains saturated fatty acids and nutrients that keep the skin healthy and clean, like Vitamin A, E, and F.

It is excellent for all skin types as it promotes cell renewal, increases circulation, reduces wrinkles, diminishes stretch marks, acne, sores, psoriasis, dandruff, dermatitis, heals burns and scars.

Shea Oil is a non-comedogenic lightweight carrier oil that can be used as an eye cream to fade dark circles and minimize fine lines, and a few drops go a long way with absorption.

Apply Shea oil to moisturize your skin before swimming to minimize the drying effect of chlorine on your skin.

You can use shea oil as a daily cleansing agent to remove dirt and make-up.

You can also use it as a sun blocker because shea oil has evidence backing it up that it contains cinnamic acid, making it an efficient sun blocker.

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